The Sthala puranam of Gangeyapuram  –  Udaiyalur


Once upon a time a King named Aja was ruling over the Kosala kingdom with Ayodhya as the capital. He won over several kings and was a Chakravarti. King Dasaratha, the father of Lord Sri Rama was Aja’s son. Aja suffered from leprosy due to sins of his earlier births. He learnt of the greatness   of Gangeyapuram through his Kulaguru  Sri Vasishta. As advised by him, he arrived there with his wife and took bath in the Kumara theertham and did pooja to Sri Sankara Parvathi sametha Sri Kailasanathar. He was rid of his terrible disease and returned to Ayodhya. He also begot the illustrious son Dasaratha.

This was the summary of Gangeyapuram as told by Sutha pouranika to Saunka and other Maharishis living in Naimisaranaya.

Not satisfied by the summary, Saunaka and other rishis said, Oh Sutha, disciple of Veda vyasa and one who knows all the puranas, the meaning behind Vedanta tatvas, and whose mind is firmly set on the lotus feet of Lord Siva the destroyer of Tripura! We have heard the summary but we want to know where this Gangeyapuram is and how Kumara theertham came into being. Please describe in detail.

Sutha then started describing it all in full detail.

King Aja was the son of Nabhaga. He was afflicted by leprosy due to past sins. In spite of the best of treatment by his doctors he was not cured. He performed several poojas, homas and dhanams but to no avail. His wife Chandramukhi, herself a great devotee of Lord Siva suggested that he approach the Kulaguru. As if to signal the end of suffering, Vasishta himself came to see the king. They prostrated before the great Rishi and prayed for relief. He recollected the greatness of Gangeyapuram as told to him by Brahma. He then suggested that they both go there and pray to Sri Sankara Parvathi sametha Sri Kailasanathar and take bath in Kumara Theertham.


Vyasa then described the greatness of Gangeyapuram as he heard from Brahma. There was a time when all the 33 crore Devas including Indra were suffering from a serious stomach affliction known as Soolai rogam.  When they approached Brahma, he said that you are suffering from this disease as all of you did Siva ninda, (criticism), and took part in the Daksha yagna.

For relief you will have to go to Gangeyapuram and take a dip in Kumara Theertham. The Devas asked the where abouts of this Gangeyapuram.

Brahma said that it is equivalent to Kailsam on earth and those who live there will derive moksha. At one time, when Lord Siva who has no equal or parallel, was teaching Brahmagyanam to Parvathi, Shanmugha came in between. Parvati duly embraced him. As the teaching was disturbed, Siva ordered Shanmugha to live on earth for sometime.  The saddened Parvati requested Siva to have mercy on their son. Siva said, Oh Uma!, I am sending Shanmugha to earth only on purpose. Surapadmasura is troubling people on earth and he needs to be destroyed.  He then told Subramanya to do  penance towards HIM for five years and also create a theertham. That will be THE ONLY medicine for the Soolai rogam. Let Devas cleanse their sins by that theertham and get rid of the disease. There is no other remedy. Hearing this Shanmugha prostrated before his parents and left with Nandikeswara.


Veda Vyasa added further what was told to him, to King Aja.  Shanmugha came to the Southern part of Bharata desa called Kumbakonam, which is lush due to the flow of Kaveri.   When he came to a forest South of Kumbakonam his pangs of separation from his parents was somewhat less.  He ordered Nandikeswara to stay in another nearby forest North East of this one. Nandikeswara established a Linga, in his name and even today it is called Nandivanam.  Subrahmanya started his penance towards Siva, repeating the Panchakshara sitting below a Bilva tree. In course of time, there was a voice from the sky asking him to end the penance and establish the Theertham for the benefit of the Devas.


Shanmugha dug the earth by his spear (Vel ) and Ganges came out from the lower worlds. Both Shanmugha and Nandikeswara took their bath and by virtue of that, they understood the meaning of Panchakshara.  That pond came to be known as Kumara Theertham.  Some birds and animals also took their bath in that pond and became Devas. Shanmugha asked Nandikeswara to find out who they were.

They related their story. On the bank of Godavari there was a Brahmin by name Badra who knew the vedas, puranas and itihasas. We asked him to recite the puranas. He started the Siva purana and added that Brahma and Vishnu are performing their duties as ordered by Siva. We became wild and said, in spite of your being a Brahmin you are praising Siva whereas it is Vishnu who has all good attributes, is sathvic and is the protector of all. But Siva is full of anger, tamasic in nature and is surrounded by spirits. You are a kapalika, may be! He replied that I am no kapalika. In fact, seeing you itself is a sin. Unless one does punya in 21 generations, one cannot attain Sivaloka. I will be a sinner if I do not speak of the greatness of Siva. HE is the creator and it is in HIM all beings finally converge. Even very big tasks are dones easily by HIM. It is HE who has given the posts to all Devas. The world has come out of HIS feet. It is HE who removes the Maya of birth. HIS sons are prayed to by all. HIS wife is known as Sarva Mangala and all good things arise from HER. The word SIVA itself means auspicious. HE is called Neelakanta as he stopped the Halahala poison at the neck and called Kalakala as HE killed the Lord of death personified. He burnt Manmantha and later allowed him to be seen only by his wife, Rathi. HE is the cause of Mahapralaya and the creator of the world after that pralaya. HIS semen is gold and is given as the prasad or dakshina in all yagnas. Vishnu attained the rulership of Vaikunta by praying to Siva. All the ten incarnations of Vishnu have come about from the nails of HIS wife! HE is the Parabrahman. HE created Brahma from HIS right, Vishnu from HIS left and Rudra from HIS front. HE is the cause for their nature and actions. You will all be in hell for having downgraded that Sadasiva. So cursed Badra.

Due to that curse we were in hell for one manvantara or 71 sets of four yugas each. Then by our earlier karma we were born as birds and animals. Unexpectedly due to some good deeds we had done, we had the good fortune of seeing Shanmugha and take bath in this Kumara Theertham. We were cleansed of all sins and became Devas once again. So saying they fell at the feet of Nandikeswara and Shanmugha, and left. Thus, Brahma explained the origin of Kumara Theertham and how not only men but also other living beings were benefited, to sage Vasishta.


Brahma added further. So far I said about the origin and greatness of Kumara Theertham. Due to the great power of Panchakshara, Shanmugha and Nandikeswara derived an inner happiness. They obtained inner knowledge, vairagyam and strength.  Due to their mantra japam even trees, creepers, flowers, insects and animals attained moksha or liberation.  Panchakshara is of five letters and is the expansion of Siva and is indicative of the Parabrahman.  One who hears or recites it attains the Lotus feet of Siva Himself.  Shanmugha was reciting this mantra continuously.

Five years went past as ordered by Siva. At the end of it, Siva appeared before Shanmugha along with Sarva Mangala and Ganapathy, shining like 3 crore suns, like molten gold, illuminating all the 14 worlds. Shanmugha circumambulated around them and prostrated.  Siva, the Parameswara embraced Shanmugha.


Brahma goes on further to Vasishta. On seeing Shanmugha once again, after a long time, Siva said that they were not having peace of mind in Kailas at all. We now feel as if we are in Kailasam. This forest is reverberating with Panchakshara mantra. As per Siva’s wish Shanmugha got a temple constructed by Viswakarma for his parents and elder brother and also for himself. He organised festivals and a theertha vari during Vaisakha pournami. That place was named Gangeyapuram, against HIS name. He then praised Siva by a sthothra. ( See Annexure 1)

Siva was pleased by this hymn and said, I am gladdened by this. It gives me happiness to live in this forest. There is no equal for the Theertham created by you in the 3 worlds. Even if one has committed crores of sins, just one dip here will absolve him and he will be blessed.  This tank will later be known as Ksheera Pushkarini. This place will be known as Gangeyapuram in the name of your mother and as Panchaksharavanam as it is reverberating with Panchaksharam, and also as Siddharanyam and Bhu Kailasam. The vimanam or superstructure will be known as Kailasanathar Vimanam and your mother as Sankara Parvathi. All those who pray here will have their lives fulfilled. So blessed Siva.


Vasishta then questioned Brahma why this forest is known as Panchakshara vanam and the Lingam is special. Brahma then gave the story.

Brahma said. On the banks of Godavari river, in the village Subhadrakam there lived a Brahmin Virupaksha by name, with his chaste wife Bhadrai. He was a great devotee of Siva and used to chant Panchakshara 16000 times daily, did Siva pooja and was singing the praise of the Lord. By HIS Grace he begot nine sons. He performed upanayanam and marriage to all of them, at the right time. They were also well learned and made their father happy by their eruditon. But each one was saying that what occured to him was the right approach. Like karma is best said one. No, it is Bhakthi said another and so on.  Thus, there were differences of opinion.  Seeing this Virupaksha addressed them and said, you know every thing and will attain moksha as well. But, you must know the time and place and then behave accordingly. Even I do not know certain things and I am unable to give up food and pleasure! Hence, let us take some money with us and proceed on a pilgrimage. When we travel we can find out which school of thought is best. They all agreed and started on the travel.

They went to several places and took bath in several Theerthams and reached the banks of Kaveri. They saw several Lingas on the banks and visited the Sri Kumbeswara temple. There they met many Brahmins and yogis and expressed their views but could not get the clarification. Later they went further South and took rest in a forest. That place gave them some peace! At that time, a Siddha with matted locks, staff in hand, with tiger skin on the waist, with ash smeared all over the body, shining bright like a moon, and a golden cane came there, along with a beautiful maiden.  He queried Virupaksha and his sons, as to who they are, wherefrom are they and what is the purpose of the travel. Tell me as it is. But Virupaksha and sons just kept mum.

Thereupon the Siddha said to the girl, apparently they have come a long distance and have various thoughts. Hearing this Virupaksha was surprised and told his sons, the Siddha seems to know what we want to ask and may be, she too knows..

Theron the Siddha spoke. If there is Dharma, even if other aspects are not that good, moksha is certain. For that Gyanam is necessary. This occurs when Bhakthi matures.  Bhakthi comes due to Chittha suddhi. This can happen only due to Karma. Only faith in Vedas can lead to faith in karma. Thus, karma leads to Chittha suddhi, leading to bhakti, which leads to Gyanam and finally moksham. Hearing this Virupaksha and his family were astonished and happy. They fell at the feet of the Siddha and the maidan.  They then said you have cleared our doubts. But, pray tell us, who  you are and where do you come from? Are you human, a Deva or Sri Parameswara himself?  It was indeed your grace that you showed us your features that are beyond mind and words. Even as they were saying thus, they transformed themselves into a Linga and Sri Parvathi. Virupaksha then prayed with the hymns.(See Annexure 2)

The sons namely, Sumanangar, Uddharakar, Salangar, Kuholar, Sushanthar, Sannidhi, Jithakrodhar, Pasakarnar, Natyanar developed Yoga siddhi, karma siddhi, bhakthi siddhi, Veda siddhi, Gyana siddhi, nama siddhi, laya siddhi, nada siddhi, thara siddhi and came to be known as Nava siddhars. They finally attained moksha as well. Hence, the Lord came to be known as Siddheswarar. Those who took bath thrice in this Kumara Theertham and possessing the siddhis of akarshanam, stahmabanam, nigraham and anugraham also did prayers here.

Virupaksha and his entire family prayed here and attained salvation.  The place became famous as siddharanyam, the Lord Siddha Lingam, and the tank Siddha theertham. Thus, there is no equal for this Lingam and theertham in all the three worlds, so said Brahma to Vasishta.


Brahma went on further to Vasishta. Any homam or japam or dhanam done here gives fruits of great merit. Staying here during Magha month is equivalent to a stay of 10 years in Kasi. Staying here and having Darshan of Kailasanathar for 3 days is as good as staying in Chidambaram for ten years. One who does 1008 panchakshara japam in front of this Lord will blend as one with the Lord.  The fruits of all japas will come to real fruition here.  Even thinking of this kshetra removes sins. If so, even great sins like Brahma hathya will just vanish and one will attain sayujyam by coming here.  Is there any doubt?  Before one dies, if one comes here, takes a bath in the tank and has Darshan of Kailasanathar, he will be free of all sins and will attain salvation.  Hence the name siddhi kshetram.

One who takes a dip during amavasya, dvadasi, vyathipatham, Mondays, sangramanam, Saturday pradosham, ayanam, karthikai pournami, margazhi thiruvadirai, Sun and Moon eclipses, ardodaya mahodaya punya kalas, will be free of all sins. In this connection, listen to a story, went on, Brahma to Vasishta.

Once there was a mahayogi Kanva by name, son of Purugutsa. He lived on the banks of Ganges. He was an expert in all dharmas, karmas, and vedas and sastras. His wife was Purandarai. Kanva had a strict regimen of diet and without speaking a single word, with Chin mudra and with eyes fixed on the tip of his nose, was concentrating on the Lord shining in his heart. The heat thus generated started affecting Indra and his retinue. Hence, he wanted to disturb the penance.

Indra took the shape of a Brahmin chanting Siva Sambho Mahadeva and also as a tiger chasing him! The Brahmin started shouting, help me from this tiger chasing me. Hearing this, Kanva told the tiger that if you kill this man, you would become a sinner and so leave him. The tiger replied, man is my food and I do not need to see any sastra for that! The man was beseeching to be saved, but the tiger killed him. Kanva was sad that he could not save a Brahmin who took refuge. Distraught as he was, he left on a pilgrimage with his wife, after prostrating to his father.  Going from one place to another, for five years, visiting places like Kasi, he came by chance to Kumbakonam, in the South. When Sun enters Thula rasi, the deities of Ganges and other rivers come to Kaveri and take bath there. After visiting the various Siva and Vishnu temples on her bank, he came to Panchakshara vanam with his wife. Once he arrived there, his hunger, thirst, weakness etc. disappeared. Even as he was saying, how is that not only my weakness but even my mental worry has gone, he heard a voice from above!


It said, not far from here is Kumara Theertham. Stay here for one year and take bath in that tank and all your sins will go. He did as instructed and resided there living on fruits, doing regular pooja and panchakshara japam. On the final day, after he completed the japam, Sri Sankara Parvathi HERSELF held his hand and took him to Swami Sannidhi and requested HIM to bless him. At once, with a body like molten gold, with pure white ash smeared all over, with tiger skin on the waist and elephant skin over HIS body, with Ganges and crescent moon on HIS locks, with snakes as ornaments, with three eyes, with trident and parasu in HIS hands, with anklets on the legs, THE LORD HIMSELF came out of the Linga and manifested HIMSELF to Kanva!

Kanva with hair standing on edge, throat choking and tears of joy rolling down his cheeks started praying Siva. Even as Parvathi touched his hand, he got full Siva Gyanam and Bhakti started flowing like a river without a dam.

Kanva prayed to Lord Siva (See Annexure 3 )

On hearing the sthuthi of the Lord and Ambal by Kanva, Siva was very pleased. By my Darshan and the bath in the tank all your sins have gone. Know that the tiger is a Maya by Indra. Hence, the killing of the Brahmin will in no way be a cause of any sin. Any one who bathes here and has my Darshan will be free of all sins. Why, even if any one thinks of this tank when he is bathing, wherever he is, his sins will also be washed away! So blessed HIM.

Kanva said that he lived once on the banks of Ganges but would now like to stay here itself and have HIS Darshan. He also requested that Ganges come here for his sake.  The Lord ordered Ganges to come and stay there and disappeared.


Brahma mentioned one more story about Gangeyapuram.  A bird and a dog remembered their earlier janma on arriving here, he said. Surprised at that, Vasishta asked Brahma to unfold the full story.

When sage Kanva was living in a leaf hut and thinking of Siva all the time, a dog and a bird came there by chance. The dog howled and went to bite the bird. At this, the bird told the dog, which obtained the memory of his earlier life, due to the power of the panchakshara vanam, thus. Because you are more powerful than I am, you should not try to kill me. By this you will incur sin and will have to go to hell. Let us both try and earn a better life! I was a Brahmin in last life called Yagnadatta. I used to take dhanam from others but never gave anything to any one. Due to that I am now a bird. I learnt that all those who take should also give. This is also due to the power of this kshetram. You were proud of your knowledge and you disgraced other Brahmins and took away their wealth. You became a dog now! Kanva was hearing all this. They fell at the feet of Kanva and sought his help to get rid of their sins.  He too, took them to Kumara Theertham and made them take bath and prayed to Siva.. (See Annexure 4)

Siva was pleased by this prayer and told Kanva to seek boons. Kanva requested HIM to bless the two. He then sprinkled vibhuthi on them. They were transformed into Devas, and after prostrating before Kanva and Siva, left. Brahma said that there is no equal to this place in all the three worlds, it is  truth, truth, truth, repeated thrice.


Even if someone had murdered, thieved or drunk  liquor, knowingly or unknowingly, by coming here and uttering the name Sri Kailasanatha he becomes free from sins. Each one residing here, with or without bhakthi and taking a Darshan of Kailasanathar, will not have rebirth at all. So said Brahma to Vasishta.

What was the reason for Shanmugha to come and stay here with Nandikeswara, asked Vasishta. Listen to the greatness of Shanmugha said Brahma. Siva blessed Shanmugha with the power of generation, protection and annihilation and told him to destroy the asuras and protect the Devas. While Subrahmanya was about to board the vimanam, Siva blessed him further, to kill Surapadmasura. When Subrahmanya left that forest, Nandikeswara was looking after that place.


Brahma also detailed how Vishnu also came to this place and was benefited.  The story of Daksha yagam, is well known. Since Vishnu was also a mute witness of the yagam, he lost his capacity to protect. To regain the same he came here and prayed to Siva during Phalguni month, living on fruits. At that time Nandikeswara created a tank in his name. Vishnu took dips in Kumara Theertham and the Nandi theertham and meditated on Siva and also established a Linga by the name Lokanatha and prayed. (Annexure 5) One who takes a dip in the Nandi tank and does pooja to the Lokanatha will be free of poverty and will beget all riches and finally attain Vishnu padam as well. I too praying here in the early morning regained my capacity of creation.  Subrahmanya too became the commander in chief of the Deva army and killed Surapadmasura.


King Aja  queried Vasishta further. You have advised me the Gangeyapuram mahatmyam and it is indeed nice to know the details. You were there when  Devas sought refuge in Brahma to save them from the Siva Ninda and the hardships due to Surapadmasura. Do tell me what Brahma said to them.

Oh king, I will now tell you the royal secret of panchakshara, and what Brahma said to Devas. Listen carefully. Brahma recollected what Sri Sankara had told him. Panchakshara is capable of giving all riches and moksham as well. It should not be revealed to non-believers and sinners and those who do not have faith in Siva. They will then go to severe hell. I am telling you all, as you are thinking of what is going to happen much later. All this was expressed by Suta to the Rishis of Naimisaranya.

Seeing Kaveri coming down to earth from Brahmaloka, Indra and his retinue came down to earth and took bath in Chakra theertham. They then reached siddharanyam. On arrival they obtained an inexplicable peace. They were astonished by this sudden mental peace. They then reached the banks of Kumara Theertham. Taking permission from Vasishta and Bruhaspathi, they did sankalpa and took bath. Wearing clean clothes, with vibhuthi and rudraksha mala  and after tharpana to the manes, performed panchakshara japam as ordained. They collected all requirements and performed pooja to Kailasanathar. They also took bath in Nandi theertham and performed pooja to Janardhana. They then prayed.  (See Annexure 6)

MahaVishnu appeared before them and told them to stay there for three years and do regular pooja early in the morning after a dip in the Kumara Theertham. They also took bath in Kaveri, Ganga, Nandi and Kumara Theerthams and did regular pooja. At the end of the three years they prayed. (See. Annexure 7)

Kailasanathar appeared before them with Ganges in the matted locks, with effulgent lotus faced Sri Sankara Parvathi on the left side, with the Sun, Moon and Agni as the three eyes, but with a glance as chill as the Moon, with Katakam, Keyuram and serpents as ornaments.  They prostrated before HIM.  We did the grave mistake of being a part of the Daksha yagam and did Sivaapacharam.  We are now working as servants in Sura’s palace. Agni is the cook, Indra is lifting dishes and Varuna is sprinkling water. Indra’s son is in jail. Indrani is living incognito. Other Devas are living as animals, birds, flies, ants, worms and are afflicted by hunger. Due to the advice of Brahma we came here. Due to the power of this place we are now free from fear. Hearing this, Siva asked Subrahmanya to destroy Surapadmasura taking the help of Devas.

Any one who reads or listens to this Chapter properly will be free of all troubles and will gain all riches, sons and grand sons and finally Siva sayujyam.


Sutha continued to the Rishis of Naimisaranya: Instructing Subrahmanya to proceed and destroy Surapadmasura along with his retinue, Siva told the Devas: Excepting my son Subrahmanya no one can kill Sura or his brothers or sons. Hence, all of you go at once to Kailasam and crown him your commander in chief. You can go to your respective places as you please once Subrahmanya accomplishes his task. On hearing this Devas prostrated before Kailasanathar, Sri Sankara Parvathi, Maha Vishnu, Sage Kanva and Nandikeswara and proceeded to Mount Kailasam. They then prayed to the Lord residing there with Bhavani and took refuge in Subrahmanya. They prayed in a loud tone.

Shanmugha told them in sweet words, there is no need for you to be afraid any longer. Soon you will all be benefited. HE has already instructed me to kill Sura with your help. I would now like to have Darshan of Kailasanathar and Sri Sankara Parvathi. Saying thus, he along with Devas went round Kailasa Mountain thrice and prostarted several times. He arrived in Siddharanyam and took bath in the pond created by him and went into the temple for Darshan.

Shanmugha prostrated with six Crowns adorned with precious gems, with twelve makara kundalas, katakas and keyuras, with a golden thread across his body, and with a radiance and brilliance of a crore Suns. The Lord manifested from the Linga and embraced HIS son, prostrating before HIM. So did Sri Sankara Parvathi for whom milk stared flowing from her breasts. Sitting in between them, Subrahmanya said, Devas have come to seek refuge in me and I have promised to help them. I shall kill Sura along with his army. Siva then bathed Shanmugha with the waters of Viraja, fruit juices, cane juice, coconut water and appointed him, commander in chief. Shanmugha then went to Swamimalai. Siva asked him to begin his assault at an auspicious time. HE and Bhavani gave him an invincible spear called SHAKTHI, embraced him and blessed him. Praying to the LORD, with the new weapon Shakthi in hand and with Veerabahu and others, Shanmugha moved fast, crossed the ocean and reached the town of Sura. He vanquished Surapadmasura and his entire retinue, released Jayantha and returned to Gangeyapuram and prostarted before the Lord.  From there he went to Swamimalai and resides there, even now. Brahma and others left and went to their respective places. The eighth lords of the directions then set up Lingas in their directions in their names. Sasidevi on hearing the victory of Indra through Bruhaspathy returned and was happy to be back with Indra and son Jayantha. They also did pooja to the Linga established by Indra and kept praying to Shanmugha. Those who do pooja to the Linga established by the eight dikpalas will get every thing. Those who read or listen to this Chapter will obtain celestial knowledge and finally moksham.


Aja then implores Vasishta to tell even greater deails and how he got the leprosy. Vasishta continued.

You were born as the son of a Brahmin Yagnadatta, in Brugu gothra in Shonapuram, and were known as Viswavasu. You were well -versed in Vedas, sastras, puranas, Jyohisham, and medicine. You did Siva pooja regularly and loved and fed Siva Bhakthas, and then had your food. One day a Brahmin Sankara by name had food at your place and rested. In the night he started shouting due to unbearable stomach ache and said he will die. You gave him a mixture (choornam) to him out of compassion, but did not realize that it contained poison, as it was dark. He died due to severe dysentery. You cremated him as prescribed.  As a parihara for this unknowingly done sin, you went to several kshetras and did pooja to Siva Lingas, but not to this place. In the meanwhile one manvantharam period elapsed.  Due to the punya you had done, you were born in this Raghu dynasty. I now describe the solution to your problem.

Gangeyapuram is above all kshetras in merit. Go there and reside for a month, take bath in Kumara Theertham have Darshan of the Lord and do abhisheka and pooja as per your capacity. Daily do 12000 panchakshara japam and 100 pradakshina and particularly, feed Siva Bhakthas. This siddha vanam will cure the most dreaded of diseases and cleanse all sins.

Aja handed over the kingdom to his ministers and proceeded South with his wife, retinue and Brahmins. He reached Kumbakonam, took bath in Kaveri, had Darshan of all the temples there and then reached Siddha vanam as advised by sage Vasishta. He saw the beautiful Theertham and Lingam. He then did pooja to sage Kanva and others who reside there as advised by Vasishta. In turn they blessed him.

As advised by Vasishta, Aja took bath in Kumara Theertham, did panchakshara japam, theertham sradham, and wearing vibhuti, prostrated to Kailasanathar. He did pooja after constructing a temple using experts. He did pooja to Sri Vigneswara, Kshetra palas, Vasthu santhi and punyahavachanam. Then he performed a Maharudram and did abhisheka using 200,000 gold kalasas filled with water scented by cardamom, pancha pallava, sandal etc. with mango leaves and coconut on top, He also did Mahanyasam and Sri Rudra japam eleven times, and then did abhishekam by 1000 measures of milk, 100 of honey, panchamirtham, pancha gavyam, fruit juices, cane juice, coconut water, ghee from black cows. Siva was decorated by garland, Keyuram, and mukthamanis.  Jasmine and other flowers, bilwa were used for pooja. Dhoopam and deepam were shown. Pongal, milk rice, chitrannam, sugar rice, curd rice and other special neivedyams were prepared. Karpoora harathi was performed and then chatram, chamaram and other upacharams were also given for Sri Sankara Parvathi sametha Sri Kailasanathar. Daily dakshina, thamboolam were given to all Brahmins and they in turn blessed King Aja.

Even after doing like this for 45 days he was not cured. He then approached Sage Vasishta and asked what should be done. Vasishta then meditated on Sri Sankara Parvathi sametha Sri Kailasanathar and thought of Sabanai, the Kamdhenu and told her to drink all the water of Kumara Theertham and fill the tank with her milk.  She too meditated on Kailasanathar, took a dip in the tank and drank all the water and filled the tank with her milk.  Every one was astonished at this act. Then Aja as per instructions of Vasishta performed abhishekam using this milk to all the deities, and did pooja, and fed the Brahmins. Then Aja and his wife were sitting in front of Kailasanathar feeling sad that the disease was not cured yet. They fell asleep, as they were tired. On the fourth part of the night, the all-merciful Lord appeared in his dream, with vibhuti, rudraksha and a golden cane and smeared vibhuti on him. He said that your disease caused by the Brahma hatya has been cured due to the pooja and the abhishekam by Sabanai’s milk. He further gently smeared vibuthi on Aja. HE told Chandramukhi to see her husbands’ body changed. Both of them got up and with a choked throat said that the power of Sri Kailasanathar is indeed great and there is no place like this anywhere in the world. He also narrated this to Kulaguru Vasishta. He asked Aja to do several shamans to please the Lord. Aja also did so. After staying there for some more days, he returned to Ayodhya.

By Kailasanathar’s Grace Dasaratha was born. At the appropriate time, Dasaratha was crowned king and Aja came back to Gangeyapuram and stayed there for a long time and with bhakthi he took bath in Kumara Theertham and performed pooja  to Kailasanathar. Brahmins were fed and he also constructed choultries for sadhus. Later he returned to Ayodhya. The mahima of Gangeyapuram is that it can give all the four purusharthas, namely dharma, artha, kama and moksha.

Those who discourse on this mahatmyam of panchakshara with bhakthi, sradham and those who read should be well honored to the extent possible and with new clothes, sandal paste, garlands etc. should be taken round the village and then left at their homes. The story and history of the Siddha Deva, Shambhu will give all riches in this world and finally moksha as well.

Brahmanda puranam, Gangeyapuram sthala puranam fifteenth Chapter is complete, thus.

Thus reaches fulfillment of Gangeyapuram mahatmyam.