Chennaiyil Udaiyalur

In the year 1998, Mr. R. Ramakrishnan, Mr. V. Venkatraman (Ravi) & Mr. B. Ramadoss (members of Sri Lakshminrusimha Bhajan Mandali) have settled at Puzuthivakkam, started Sampradhaya Bhajan on all EKADHASI days and the same is continued. This was started only for the remembrance of Ekadhasi Bhajan at Udaiyalur Sri Perumal koil during their school / college days. Subsequently Mr. B. Anantharaman followed by  Mr. R .Janakiraman (Ramesh – Mridangam player) have also joined & boosted the Bhajan a very well manner.

Upon completion of first year, they have organized Sri Radha Kalyana Mahotsavam duly participated by Sri E .K .Srinivasa Bhagavatar, Sri K. Kalyanarama Bhagavatar & Group. Since this programme is familiar to the people who have settled in Chennai,    we have named as CHENNAYIL UDAIYALUR similar to ‘CHENNAIYIL THIRUVAIYARU”.

Sincere thanks to Sri K.Kalyanarama Bhagavatar who feed the taste of Pracheena Sampradhaya Bhajan and only because of this, they are well settled and continuing the Bhajan still.

Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Bhajan Mandali

SRI M RAMASWAMY BHAGAVATAR who was actively conducting & leading the Pracheena Sampradhaya Bhajan at Sri Perumal Koil on all EKADHASI days duly accompanied by Sri Ananthanarayana Iyer, Sri Subramania Iyer, Sri Mahalinga Iyer, Sri Rajagopala Iyer, Sri Balasubramania Iyer, Sri Venkatarama Iyer & Sri Mahalinga Iyer (Mani).

Sri K Kalyanaraman has fully learnt the Pracheena Sampradhaya Bhajan and started singing with the above Bhagavatas. Further he has created a Bhajan group whose are Sri V Balaraman, Sri R Ramakrishnan, Sri K Sundararaman, Sri V Kailasam, Sri V Venkataraman, Sri K Balaji, Sri B Ramadass, Sri S Venkatesan and the group has started doing the Bhajan at Sri Perumal Koil regularly. At this stage, Sri M Ramaswamy Bhagavatar has started calling this group as “SRI LAKSHMI NRUSIMHA BHAJAN MANDALI”. This group has also actively participated the GIRI PRADHAKSHINAM during Margazhi (Tamil) month.

Udaiyalur Radha Kalyanam

Sri RadhaKalyana Vasantha Uthsavam is celebrating  either the first  week or Second week of Sunday during the month of Thai (Tamil month) every year. It is very famous and very strong  Pracheena Sampradhaya Bhajan of this village. Many Bhagavatas of various places are being invited to participate the Uthsavam to grace the function in a grand manner. With the blessings of Sri Lakshmi Narayana  Perumal & Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha  Perumal,people of Udaiyalur who are presently living in all over world will participate and dedicate their physical & financial help.



Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Bhajan Mandali has started honouring senior Bhavavathas with the title of SRI LAKSHMI NRUSIMHA PRIYA BHAGAVATHA RATHNA  from 2009 onwards during the Chennaiyil Udaiyalur Programme.

List of Bhagavathas honoured: